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Strength and Conditioning

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Mission Statement

The Bridgewater College Strength and Conditioning Departments mission is to provide its students athletes with a well-designed training program based on sound physiological principles. Emphasis will be placed on coaching form and technique to maximize injury prevention and athletic performance. The foundation of our program is built through accountability, discipline, work ethic, and durability. Our Athletes' success can only be accomplished with the belief in what we are doing, and putting forth the effort it takes to accomplish our shared goals.


The Bridgewater College Strength and Conditioning Department is dedicated to the well-being and overall achievement of the student-athlete. Our goal is to provide the student-athletes with the physical and psychological abilities to remain resilient to injury, physical ability to dominate in competition, and a confidence and understanding of life that carries over into more than just sport.

The Bridgewater College Strength and Conditioning Department utilizes a variety of proven and scientifically based methods to create a system that provides each athlete with the best program possible to meet their sport-specific needs. We emphasize movement based training and movement quality over exercise based training. Athletes encounter a wide variety of stimuli in sport and need to have the ability to adjust to react to every changing conditions in competition.  Our top priority is to ensure that athletes stay healthy and are able to compete during their competitive season while also putting the best possible athletic product out on the field or court.


The Bridgewater College Strength and Conditioning weight room is 3600 Sq. ft. with 10 Half Racks for Olympic lifting and all primary lifts. There is a full set of dumbbells ranging from 5lbs to 120lbs. Additionally there are TV’s that are used to display lifting programs and video playback of lifts. The room is used by all 23 varsity sports and accommodates more than 700 student-athletes. The floor is designed for weights to be dropped for Olympic lifts without any extra need for racks or specialized platforms. There is also a designated Rehab area that includes a leg press, leg extension machine, and leg curl machine.

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