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BC Eagle Athletes: All-Access

"BC Eagle Athletes: All Access" publishes first-person stories from some of Bridgewater College's finest student-athletes. A senior capstone project by communications major Annie Sullivan, it is a platform where Division III college athletes let their voices be heard. Learn about what makes each of these athletes a unique entity to the Bridgewater community!

Athlete Feature Story #1 Sydney Bright

photo of swimmer sydney bright

Athlete Feature Story #2 Brett Jones

brett jones at the plate

Athlete Feature Story #3 Danielle Cook, Christina Herbert, Casey Gaffney

headshots of danielle cook, christina herbert and casey gaffney

Athlete Feature Story #4 Chris Voorhees

chris voorhees celebrating a goal

Athlete Feature Story #5 Amber Celen

amber celen finishing a sprint

Athlete Feature Story #6 Annie Sullivan

annie sullivan taking a shot on goal