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Athletics Health Care Administrator

The athletics health care administrator is an administrative position mandated by the NCAA. Schools are required to designate an athletics health care administrator (“AHCA”) as a part of a broader obligation to establish an administrative structure that supports the delivery of independent medical care for college athletes. The structure should affirm the unchallengeable autonomous authority of primary athletics health care providers (team physicians and athletic trainers) to determine medical management and return-to-play decisions related to student-athletes.

The AHCA oversees the institution’s athletics health care administration and delivery. The AHCA serves in an administrative capacity that complements the athletics health care team. The AHCA is not intended to have supervisory authority over primary athletics health care providers (team physicians and athletic trainers) or other medical providers.

The AHCA has three primary areas of focus:

1. Be aware of all NCAA health and safety-related legislation, interassociation recommendations and resources.

2. Share health and safety legislation, interassociation recommendations and resources with stakeholders within your athletics department and on your campus, including but not limited to, head athletic trainer, team physician, director of athletics, compliance administrator, director of counseling services, director of student health services, faculty athletics representative, and Title IX coordinator.

3. Monitor the athletics department health and safety policies and practices to ensure compliance with NCAA legislation and establish consistency with interassociation best practice guidance.

Bridgewater College Athletics Health Care Administrator
- Roy Ferguson
- Executive Vice President
- 102 Flory Hall
- 540-828-5307