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Faculty Athletic Liaison

The Faculty Athletic Liaison Mentoring Program is designed to enhance the integration of academics and athletics. In a two-fold approach, the Faculty Athletic Liaison (FAL) will serve as an academic mentor to the student-athlete within the athletic arena and will be able to experience and understand the balance required by the student-athlete to achieve success in both their academic and athletic endeavors. This relationship will provide an avenue for student-athletes to interact directly with a faculty member regarding their academic and athletic responsibilites.

The following have been established as guidelines for those participating in the FAL Mentoring Program:

1. The athletic department will identify faculty who have an interest in developing relationships with student-athletes outside the academic setting.

2. Each coach will assume responsibility for informing the liaison of ODAC and NCAA policies to ensure there is understanding of these rules. Also, each liaison will be made aware of the potential risk involved with their participation in or near team playing and practice situations should that be part of their agreement.

3. The level of involvement of the FAL will be discussed and decided upon by both the Head Coach and FAL. The level of involvement of the FAL will likely vary between sports and coaches.

4. The FAL and Head Coach will receive a list of ideas to enhance the experience of the mentoring program. The list will provide the FAL with suggestions for building rapport with the team, how the FAL can support the academic mission of the student as well as supporting the coach. There will also be ideas on how the FAL and coach can strengthen the connection between academics and athletics.

5. The FAL is not to serve in an academic advising role and should encourage the student-athletes to meet with their academic advisor on a regular basis.

Current FALs:

Baseball - Jill Lassiter
Men’s Basketball - Gwen Jones
Women’s Basketball - Dr. Roslyn Vargas
Equestrian - Holly Caldwell
Field Hockey - Donna Hoskins
Football - Mwizenge Tembo, Ron Kline
Men’s Golf - TBD
Women’s Golf - Mark Griffin
Volleyball - Tom Campbell
Men’s Soccer - Scott Cole
Women’s Soccer - Jennie Carr
Softball - Minhyun Kim
Swimming - Kyle Kelleran
Men's and Women's Tennis - Minhyun Kim
Men's and Women's Track and Field - Gwen Jones, Vickie Denlinger
Men's Lacrosse - Scott Cole
Women’s Lacrosse - Rob Hammill
Men's and Women's Cross Country - Gwen Jones, Vickie Denlinger

James Bowling (2/4/16)
Jennie Carr (2/23/16)
Mary Frances Heishman (3/2/16)
Jill Lassiter (4/1/16)
Grace Martin (10/13/16)
Ronald Kline (11/17/16)
Lou Pugliese (11/18/16)
Mark Griffin (5/24/17)