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Golf, Gingerbread And Argentina: Morris Completes An Exciting Year

BC golfer Megan Morris just finished studying abroad in Argentina

Meghan Morris just finished up an exciting year at Bridgewater.

A member of the Eagles' golf team, Morris is also pretty good when it comes to making gingerbread houses. She has competed in the national competition for several years and this past year a production crew from the Food Network came to campus to film Morris while she worked on her gingerbread house for the 2017 competition.

Morris' hobby of making gingerbread houses began seven years ago.

"I saw a show about the gingerbread competition on the Travel Channel and it just looked like a lot of fun," Morris recalled "I asked my mom if I could enter and she said it was too far away (Asheville, N.C.). She told me when I was old enough to drive I could enter if I wanted to. So, when I was 16 I made a gingerbread house with a friend and took it to the competition. We just dropped the gingerbread house off and then we left because we didn't have the money to stay overnight in the hotel. That's how it started."

That entry placed in the Top 10 in the teen division and thus, a new hobby was born.

Morris has since competed in the adult division where she has also finished in the Top 10. "Now, the whole family is into it and we go to Asheville and stay in the hotel for the competition," she said.

Prior to this past year's competition, a crew from the Food Network was on campus for two days filming Morris while she worked on her latest gingerbread creation. "It was fun having the film crew around. The crew was really nice and they made me feel like a star," Morris said. "But it's also pretty stressful having them follow you around for 12 hours each day. They even followed me to the golf course."

Morris, who has a double major in biochemistry and Spanish, finished the past college year studying abroad in Argentina for a semester.

"I was in Argentina from February through July as part of a study abroad program," said Morris. "I met a lot of amazing people while there. I made new friends with students from other countries who were also studying abroad. We spent a lot of time together, exploring Argentina and some of the neighboring countries.

"I also had an amazing host while in Argentina," Morris continued. "She's an older lady and we became very close. She's like a new grandma to me. It was sad to leave, but I had an awesome experience."

One of the first things Morris did when she returned home was pick up her golf clubs.

"I golfed for the first time in seven months. I'm sure Coach (John) Rogers will be happy to hear that," Morris said. "There were limited options for golfing while in Buenos Aires. Now, that I'm home I'll have some time to get back out on the course."